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4 Positive Emerging Markets for 2013

30 January 2013

Hi All – In my first blog for this year (Happy New Year!) I wanted to share my thoughts on 4 positive emerging markets in 2013.  If like me your looking to venture up the path less travelled, here are 4 places you maybe willing to invest in:


As wages have risen in China, manufacturers have migrated their jobs to Mexico.  Also due to the high cost of shipping and fuel, American companies are buying more products from Mexico instead of China.  All of this has aided in reducing Mexico’s unemployment rate and create more robust domestic demand.  Not to mention there relationship with the US & Canada via the The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexico is set to be one of the best emerging market performers over time.


With the various monetary easing programs occurring in the developed world and the continuing demand of Peru’s top exports (Gold, Copper and Silver), fueled with the growing middle class is set to ignite a banking boom, making Peru another emerging market in 2013.

South Africa

Being the gateway to the African continent, South Africa has many similarities to Peru.  Such as the large exports of various natural resources and a growing middle class has helped this gateway to become the 10th best performer among 31 emerging stock market in local currency terms according to Thomas Reuters.

The Philippines

With its ties to the US and Japan aiding the growth of their agricultural exports and its increase as an outsourcing destination for call centers & help lines, the Philippines could be 2013’s emerging Asian superstar.


Simon Osborne
Vice President

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