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Q & A with our E-Marketing Support Officer

17 October 2012

Robin Smit recently joined The Broadgate Group as a Support Officer under the BIP.  We had the chance to speak with him to find his views on things:

Q:   Can you give us a brief description of what you do at Broadgate?

A:   Here in Broadgate I am working on E-Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. This implies that I make sure every client is being informed about the progress of their investments and that we live up to every clients expectations. This is very important for us to remain customer focused and tilt customer satisfaction to another level. While on the other hand I approach potential clients to inform them about our company and how we can help them to, for example save tax.  This creates awareness among the potential clients and will spark interest in the services that we have to offer.

Q:   How would you describe your experience of the BIP so far?

A:  I can describe my experience in the BIP as a real hands on experience. Everything that I am doing is directly related to the real business world. This hands on experience gives me the opportunity to get the most out of my internship and also be best prepared for when I graduate.  Every day is challenging since I have to remain versatile and flexible to make sure every client and potential client is satisfied in the needs that they expect from Broadgate.

Q:   Are you currently invested in anything at the moment?

A:   No I am not. I am interested in investing however I simply do not possess a sufficient base of capital yet. Before going into investing I want to have everything financially sorted out for myself, to make sure that I will get the most out of it.

Q:   What are you passionate about?

A:   About working with people, I am a real people’s person and consider this as one of the best parts of my job. I love socializing because it builds up a network of people who you can exchange services with. My social objective is to interact with others to understand where they are coming from and how we can help each other to become better people.

Q:    Whats your thoughts on Thailand’s economy?

A:   The Thai economy is a very diverse economy, which mainly relies on export I believe. Thailand is famous for many export products such as silk, which is constantly in demand.  Also what keeps money flowing into Thailand is the Tourism of course, however I doubt if it’s a big source of income for the Thai people in general.  The Thai economy is a fast growing one especially for the last couple of years since the introduction to the ASEAN community. Due to a lot of factors that can include cheap labor and favoring currency, Thailand has a lot of potential to grow and become one of the biggest markets in the world.

Q:   Whats in your wallet?

A:   There’s not much I can tell you about what I have in my wallet except for money, credit cards and the key to my hotel room.  However what I can say is that I bought it in South Korea and it’s a really nice Louis Vuitton wallet made out Epi leather.   Louis Vuitton’s Epi line was created in response to the need to have a good, durable leather for use in modern travel conditions. Epi leather is dyed all the way through and has a grained texture it also has my initials engraved in it.