Passionate about investing

An introduction to our Portfolio Officer

18 July 2012

My name is Olivier Heinen and I will be joining the Broadgate Group this summer through their internship program as a Portfolio Officer.

I came across Broadgate Financial earlier this year while looking for internship programs. Having lived in the Philippines for five years before starting my university studies, I have been convinced to pursue a future career in Asia with Bangkok being an ideal starting point to this journey. I think that my responsibilities as a Portfolio Officer at Broadgate will perfectly reflect my goal to work in the financial sector.

I am currently an Economics student at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. There I am involved in several societies, notably the UEA Investment Fund and the UEA South East Asian Society. I hope to improve my understanding of the financial sector during my stay at Broadgate so that I am able to apply these skills for future investment projects at the Investment Fund. There is no better way to learn than actually being on the job! Also, as I am part of the committee of the South East Asian Society, I hope my increased exposure to Thai culture over the next few months will allow me to better cater to the needs of our members.

I have been to Thailand before—though only on holidays. While being there, I have experienced some of the cultural and historic aspects of Thai society, having visited countless numbers of temples and monuments while enjoying the delicious local foods, not to mention the beautiful beaches! With the opportunity that Broadgate has given me, I am hoping to see some of the business aspects of Thailand as well.

I am looking forward to meet the team and begin this experience!

Olivier Heinen

Portfolio Officer