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Broadgate meets: Jenjira Praneet

10 May 2013

Jenjira Praneet known as Nok recently joined the Broadgate Financial team as our Admistration and Client Support Officer. Khun Nok holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, English for International Communication from Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi.

Q: Why did you choose to study English for International Communication?

A:  When I was in High School I started to learn English and French and I chose to continue learning English at university because it is nowadays not the most spoken language as we could think (it is actually Mandarin with over 1 billion speakers compared to English with around 500 million) but because it is the most widely spread one. During my studies, I learned how to read, interpret and translate English in order to be able then to work for multinational companies. I would have liked to continue to learn French but the university didn’t offer lessons of this language.

Q: Why did you join Broadgate Financial?

A: After looking at the JobsDB website, I found several job offers including one at Broadgate Financial. After the application process, I finally chose to work for Broadgate Financial because it is an international and multicultural company. Indeed, I work today with Thai people but alongside foreigners from several different nationalities as English and French. Also, I used to work in the same position from my previous work but Broadgate provides financial and consulting activities which are all new for me and I am interested to learn more about it.

Q: What are your responsibilities as an Administration and Client Support Officer at Broadgate Financial?

A: My mains tasks here consist of updating the fund performances weekly with the approval from our counterpart based in Boston. I am also in charge of the efficient operation of the office. This includes placing orders for the company, maintaining stocks and general operations.

Jenjira Praneet

Q: Why is communication important for you?

A: Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behaviour.  The Thai language is only spoken by Thai people. Indeed, you can’t learn it at school in a foreign country as you can do with English or French. So when foreigners come to live or visit Thailand, they usually can only speak “taxi Thai” so you cannot communicate with them. Furthermore, the Thai language uses five different tones so a same word pronounced in a different way means something different which makes it tough to learn for foreigners. You may then miss a lot of information as knowledge, experience, history… That’s why it was so important for me to study English.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: I come from a small town in the North East of Thailand called Sakon Nakoan. My grand parents are still living there and so I would like to come back to live closer to them. I am aiming to open a guesthouse and develop tourism in this region.

Q: Broadgate has 3 core values, Sustainability, Flexibility and Transparency. What are yours?

A: This is a really tough question! I would say first that adaptability is an important value for me. You have to be able to adapt yourself within the environment you are living. It might be your work place or even the society. My English skills help me to do so. Then, I would say that learning is as well really important. I am always willing to learn new things and that’s why I chose to work for Broadgate with real different activities from the ones I was used to. Finally, respect may be one of the most important values for me.  Being respectful is something essential in the Buddhist religion and I try to be so in my daily life.

Q: What do you do during your spare time?

A: Socializing with friends, watching movies, playing with my dog and trying to do some sport as jogging.

Benedicte Ciotti
Support Officer

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