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Broadgate meets: Tutiyaporn Nitichai

3 April 2013

Khun Tutiyaporn Nitichai (Pu) has been working with Broadgate as our Operations Manager since incorporation. She has full responsibility for all aspects of client and company administration and business infrastructure. She holds a Master of Science degree from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, majoring in Information Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Kasetsart University, Thailand.  We know Tutiyaporn in Broadgate as ‘Boss Pu’ and Mother of Broadgate.

Q:  Khun Pu, you came from Kasetsart University, Thailand and studied Computer Science there.  What made you choose that particular subject and how is it related to what you do in the company?

A:   Nothing special, I just liked playing Warcraft II (a fantasy-themed real-time strategy game) and doing some computer graphics when I was in a high school. I just like computers. I apply my computer usage skills at work; for example, creating databases in Excel, calculation functions, email problem-solving, graphic skills and making minor changes in WordPress.

Q:   Can you give us a brief description of what you do at Broadgate?

A: I was here since the creation of the company. Basically I was involved in setting up the company, getting the business-required licenses, all the current facilities, process and mainly support other colleagues to help them solve problems and achieve their assignments quicker. I am also involved in HR – with regular staffs and some internship recruitment functions.

Q:   Did you have any other working experience before joining Broadgate? How did your experience help you at Broadgate?

A:   Yes, I used to work with a small design company – it was called Gitz. Afterwards, I changed to Orisma for 2-3 months, then I worked for The Stock Exchange of Thailand for almost 4 years and IFDS – an IT company that develops software for fund houses in the UK and Canada for 6 months before John Mills (CEO of Broadgate) asked me to join. When I used to work with the SET, I gained financial knowledge and I also practiced my English with IFDS. Furthermore, I learned some European financial concepts and combining all those experiences helped me understand the dyamic business of Broadgate faster.

Q:   What are your highlighted moments while working here?

A:   My best moments, here, at Broadgate, was when we acquired an Investment Advisory License for Broadgate Investment Advisory from the Ministry of Finance. I also really liked sharing thoughts and ideas with colleagues to develop things.

 from left:  ‘Boss Pu’ (Operations Manager) receiving
flowers from John Mills (President & CEO) on her
last day (Friday 29/03/2013)

Q:   What are you passionate about?

A:   At the moment, it’s cooking. I like good food and Thailand is the place you can find plenty of good food. Most of Thai food is cheap and diverse with a great quality of ingredients.

Q:   What are you plans for the future?

A:   By the next 1 or 2 years, I wish I to cook like a professional.  I’m planning to go to a cooking school to learn more about techniques and to improve my skills. After that, I’m also planning to open my own restaurant in Bangkok and, who knows; if I’m lucky enough I might become a famous chef in Thailand.

Q:   You have officially left the company  so what will your memories be of Broadgate?

A:   I will remember the people – both permanent and temporary staff. I won’t forget the culture here, everyone comes from a different background and it helps the company to think differently. Also I will miss some interesting attitudes like ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ and ‘no such thing as I can’t’. You know, when you work at Broadgate, you are part of the family. Everyone treats each other as their equal.

Juliette Vidailhet
Marketing Support Officer

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