Passionate about investing

Choice for Life

23 January 2012

I had the joy of meeting Mr Phoemporn Maneesin (Project Assistant for Sirin Construction Group) last week as we had an enjoyable conversation about the choices we make in life.

What Mr. Phoemporn doesn’t want to do in the future is to live life like everybody else. This is nothing about attacking people’s way of living but it isn’t what he needs for himself. He saw many people in his life regretting about what they should have done and what could they do differently in order to make their present life better.

What Mr. Phoemporn made a choice early when he was young, which totally changed his way of living.  He said, “I choose the way others never choose so I can live a life the way that others can’t”. It is not easy to find a person who thinks similarly to him amongst Thai students.  Even though he is still in the university but he has more responsibility than other students because he is taking work experience from his family business and some private companies during the university class as well.

This is my interview with Mr. Phoemporn

Q: What kind of work experience have you had so far?

A:  I had experience in making a Business Model for my family business, which is construction and property development. I also worked for the Sirin Group in factory construction and resident buildings.   Another is the Dumrongchai Group which specialises in large scale construction.   I helped in the renovation of the Central Ladprao project.

Q: What is the most valuable experience that you received from working?

A: The best thing that I received from working is a higher immunity level in living.  While working, you see so many types of people and lots of unexpected situations that you have never been faced with before.  So when I meet a bad situation or people after that, I know how to handle them.

Q: What is your life goal?

A: I want to retire young at the age of 30. Not only that I want to be wealthy but also I want to have it fast.  The thing that I fear the most is that my parents cannot be there to see my success or cannot enjoy the reward with me.  I want my parents to travel along with me on vacation after I retire.

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: I’m passionate about cooking because I believe that the one thing that can make everyone happy is eating.  I want people to sense my sincerity through my food and make them happy with it.

Q: What is your largest investment so far?

A: It is the choice that I made when I was a kid.  I sacrificed my free time of playing for studying instead.  I dedicated time focusing on study and it made me become wiser in making choices.

Q: What are your thoughts about the value of ‘Money’?

A: I see its value as a medium of exchange for the products or services that can satisfy my needs. It’s like exchanging what you own with something you don’t have.  If you look at this aspect, money also makes complicated transactions become easy.  It is a big development from the barter system!

Suchada Larpkittavorn

Marketing Executive