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Corporate Responsibility or a Marketing Stunt Part 1

This week some of us will take a trip to Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai and visit hill tribe artisans.  This is in partnership with Oimei Co. a social enterprise that offers fair trade pillows to promote peace building initiatives in developing communities.

I presented a report on the importance of Corporate Responsibility (CR) to the Board and everyone agreed it was something we should start doing.

You maybe thinking fantastic! its nice to see a company like Broadgate engaging in CR, or you may  think this is all an elaborate marketing stunt to clean up the bad image of financial institutions.

Well, I would have  liked to say we’ve allocated 90% of our budget to CR.  Chartered a private plane, booked into a 5 star resort and hired a professional photographer to make us look good.

The reality of it is we’ve done completely the opposite.  I am proud to say we haven’t spent a single penny from our budget.  We’ve chosen the modest route of donating our precious time, which we all know you can’t get back unlike money.  Travelling by van and staying with local artisans, engaging and creating dialogue and understanding the issues is the goal of our CR trip.

You may still think these are just words on a page, so allow me to show you how the trip went in part 2.

With sincerity I can truly say this trip isn’t about boosting the company image but about developing character and building relationships based on trust.

“The glue that holds all relationships together – including the relationship between the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity” – Brian Tracey

Simon Osborne

Chief Brand Officer & Director