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Dine in the Dark

17 May 2012

Last Friday evening, Pui, Simon and I, spent a wonderful time at the restaurant “Dine in the dark” located in the Ascott hotel on Sathorn Road. It was the first experience of dark dining for each of us and we all have been pleased to try this concept. “Diner in the dark” is actually the first dark dining restaurant in Asia.  This trend has already been popular in Europe and North America since the early 2000’s. This fine-dining experience is about depriving you of your sense of sight in order to heighten your other senses.

When you arrive, a hostess welcomes you and makes you choose between three different menus: Thai, international or vegetarian, without any further details. You can also order your drinks because you won’t have the chance to see the menu and the prices after! To finish, you can notify if you don’t like or if you are allergic to any ingredient so the chef will adapt its plates. Once all of this is done, you are taken in charge by a blind waitress who is going to conduct you to your seat and to serve your meals during the dinner.

Inside the dark room, you have a strange feeling of both excitation and stress. Once you are seated after the first difficulty to reach your table through the dark room, you try to get as much information as you can around you to have some marks: if you hear other people, the size and form of the table or the room, the catering on the table, your distance from your colleagues…. The funny thing when each meal arrives on the table is that you try to guess what it is and from which ingredients it is made and how to eat it in a proper manner even if this last point is not very easy and entirely respected… The other interesting thing is that you have to share your impressions with the others because you are in the same exact situation. It is a good chance to strengthen your relations with your colleagues and to get to know more about them.

At the end of the dinner, you can actually discover the meals you have eaten, and sometimes you found out that you got it completely wrong! Dine in the dark is really a great place to spend a good time and to learn how lucky we are to be able to see the world around us. You also make a good action since 10% of the profits go to helping the visually impaired in Bangkok.

Don’t be afraid to try a new way to enjoy a funny dinner!

Marion Tessier

Research & Administration Officer