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26 March 2012

I haven’t updated my blog for some time and this week is a good time for me to communicate the progress of what I am doing so far. For a couple weeks, I have been spending my time on supporting Broadgate Easy Panel our construction company that focuses on low cost / kit houses.  We are developing the website for Broadgate Easy Panel and it’s almost finished!

Because of my busy week, I didn’t attend many networking events for several weeks, so this week I attended two:  Bangkok Young Professionals BYP Mini Film Festival and Franco-Thai Fun Networking.  Both events were very enjoyable.  The Acting workshop in the Film Festival was very interesting and I was amazed that we can create a story from only 2 words, yes and no.  That’s really amazing.  The film section was good as well and we got to see new mini films from Thai productions and it showed different story lines from the typical box office films.  The Networking event from Franco-Thai last night was very good as well.  Many people attended this event since this time it was organized by multiple Chambers.

From attending these events, I noticed that there are so many French people in Thailand.  They come to Thailand for educational and working purpose or to take a vacation.  I spoke to a lady from a French newspaper about this issue and she told me that the number of French who flow into Thailand is around 15,000 people per day and almost 60,000 people who travel in and out.  It is a large number for me and I was surprised with the Thai popularity among French.  Some French that I met during networking told me that it is because of the financial situation in Europe that makes people consider moving out here.

This emphasizes one important point to me that financial sustainability and stability are very important for today’s living.  It is also true in Thailand, if everyone has enough money to provide them a good standard of living then there will be no problems happening in society.  But more than waiting for the Government to help, it is important to help yourself first also by doing what you are good at and make a living from your ability.

It is more than just to  keep walking on this earth but to walk proudly as well.

Suchada Larpkittavorn

Marketing Executive