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A Great Historical Place

23 April 2012

Hello everyone, this is the week after Song Kran which is a long holiday for Thai people or known to the world as Thai water festival.  Last week the work atmosphere was still quiet and I think people still had the holiday sensation but I guess this week everyone will become more active.  Before we move to full normal working operation, I want to share a story about my Song Kran holiday and I hope it will give some people more ideas where to go for their next vacation.

Personally, I didn’t go anywhere outside Bangkok and also didn’t join in the water fight because I didn’t want to get wet.  But I spent my valuable time on holiday with family and friends.  This year is another one of the best years for me because it is my first working year and I took them or lunch and dinner on my own salary.  More than enjoying good food with family, I also took my Mom to the old palace built by the 5th King of Thai Jakkree dynasty called Wang Payathai.  It was built in the year 1909 as a purpose for the King to see the rice fields and watch the way people growing rice.  Later on the palace had been used as a residence for many Royal Family Members, a motel and a hospital.  The Dusit Thani city or the first democracy city was built here and now only a few houses are preserved as a historical proof of a development of Thai’s regime.  This place is the start of Thai’s democracy system.

Apart from the importance for political history, international relationships between Thailand and foreign countries was the main emphasize during the time, evidenced by the European decoration style all over the palace by European artists.  Because of good relationships with Europe and the deep understanding about their cultures of the King, Thailand never lost its independence.

More than a hundred years of history, this valuable building hasn’t gained that much popularity from its people even though it is located in one of the most popular areas of Bangkok, Victory Monument.  The importance of knowing the history is not attaching ourselves to the past but to learn the lessons of what happened and why in order to make us understand the logic and to use it wisely.  If anyone is interested to spend his or her time and take a look back in the past and learn more, Wang Payathai is highly recommended.

Suchada Larpkittavorn

Marketing Executive