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11 January 2012

Back when I was at my last semester in University, I worked in the same Marketing group as my 3rd year junior student.  The project that we worked together is about how to help people find themselves, what they like and what to do in the future.  From that time, our group members keep in touch and try to turn our project into reality.

One of my group members introduced me to the person who can give advice and consult with our educational project.   That is why I knew Khun Worrawutt Thampipit.  He is the owner of an art school called ‘Art Element’ (across from the channel 3 building) which has been opened for 13 years.   This school teaches students all aspects of art and design.

Khun Worrawutt supported the students a lot in education by giving out scholarships to the ones who really take art seriously.  The deal is that the students will have to stay at the art school for the whole year, which he can teach them closely and independently, not only about art but also living in real life.  He believes that everyone can be a great person and makes great work if they have enough passion for what they do.  Broadgate also believes in the same thing that if we do something with passion, it will give out the best results and we emphasize our belief in the brand “Broadgate Financial, Passionate About Investing”.

After the first meeting with Khun Worrawutt, I received some teaching and coaching techniques from him, which I found really useful to making a person, realize their inner self.  I found him really interesting and I wanted to know more about him and his school:

Q. What is your inspiration for opening the school?

A. I got my inspiration from when I was a monk and received training from the high monk.  The training taught me to be tough and helped me live my life as a real human.

Q. What is the goal of opening this school?

A. My goal is to teach the knowledge that I have learnt about living to the students.

Q. What is the highest achievable goal since the school opened?

A.   I was able to help support the student’s family to be more like a home.  I helped student’s family to have more understanding and more happiness.

Q. What is the major obstacle for you in opening the school?

A. It is the student’s attitude.  They think too much but rarely implement it with the real life or think about the possibility.  It takes time to adjust their attitude and makes the student open to ideas.

Q. What future plans do you have for the school?

A. I want to recruit more teachers who are able to convey the correct message to the students and able to know each student personality and how to make them achieve their potential.

Q. Do you think that the school is successful right now?

A. No, I don’t think so.  I also stayed in the same loop of thinking too much and it has been only 4-5 years ago that I started to think less and do more.  Right now, it’s been only a year that I changed the teaching curriculum to be more consistent to what I believe.

Please visit Art Elements facebook page:   www.facebook.com/artelement

Suchada Larpkittavorn

Marketing Executive