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My Flood Relief Experience

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I wanted to share my recent experience in helping the flood relief campaign.

It was a late Monday afternoon when my friend invited me help the flood relief in Klong 6. I left the office around 7pm and an hours drive later we arrived at the site.

What I saw can only be described as an organised chaos. Certain people were handing out food and drinks to the aid workers, while others were loading the sand bags onto the trucks.

My friends and I promptly got to work in helping the Royal Thai Army load the sandbags onto the trucks. An hour later I was sweating and covered in dirt. We then progressed to the other side of the site where people (I’d imagine around 100 or so), were filling the rice bags with sand and tying them up. They also had a sand conveyor which made this task more efficient, unfortunately they only had one. I enquired to the cost of this machine (I estimated it being around 10 – 20K THB) and to my surprise it cost 40,000 THB to make. Better just stick to plain and reliable manual labour.

After a few hours of labour intensive pain we left the site around midnight. The amount of people I saw (complete strangers to one another), really working together to help their fellow citizens out really made me proud to be in Thailand and a citizen myself. I would encourage any of you to donate your time alongside any money you can offer.

It really is a worthwhile gesture where you can connect with others and play your part in society. So to conclude if you want to be happy, than seek in helping others. To quote Elizabeth Cady Stanton ““The happiest people I have known have been those who gave themselves no concern about their own souls, but did their uttermost to mitigate the miseries of others.”

Simon Osborne

Chief Brand Officer & Director