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22 May 2012

“Nouveau depart” in Bangkok!

Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin and I am the new intern in marketing!

In order to start this blog let me quickly introduce myself:

I am a 23 years old French boy who arrived in Bangkok at the end of December. After a few months discovering this city and how people were working in Thailand by making an internship in a French company. I had to face a whole new challenge:  Taking a decision between staying 4 more months in Thailand or going back to France.
My heart was in balance between “Pad Thai and sun” versus “Baguette and rain”! “Sun” won and decided to give myself a month in order to find a really interesting internship program, if this was not the case I would go back home. After a few weeks of research, my friend Marion told me about the BIP project here at Broadgate financial, as I was looking for a dynamic and ambitious company in order to not just be a “coffee making” intern, I sent out my resume…

Three days after I had an appointment with composed of a logical / English tests and by an interview. I am someone who is driven by passion, my philosophy is that workload doesn’t matter if it is to achieve something, and I need to feel that people like what they are doing in order for me to be able to give my best for a job.
And luckily I had the chance to meet Simon Osborne, Vice President of Broadgate, who took the follow up of my tests. Seeing someone that involved and passionate makes you want to be involved too and I was really inspired by what I heard, even if I was not the most interested in finance at university, I am feeling very lucky to discover this world outside boring class lecture! So I would like to congratulate Mr Osborne for managing somehow to give me the desire to work in a banking company, I am pretty sure that my teachers would be jealous of your success!

After around 2/3 hours talk where I was able to ask all the question I needed to know more about my mission I was asked the “are you interested in joining us?” which was nearly a rhetorical question because he knew that I was, and this is how two days after the interview I was signing up for the Broadgate Intern Program and writing this post!

I hope I will be able to learn as many things as possible during those 3 months, and that I will manage to be value-adding to the company.

Let’s talk about that soon!


Ben Digne

Marketing Assistant