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New Adventure

27 February 2012

This is my sixth month of working for The Broadgate Group and everyday is still a new adventure for me.  I have experienced many things from Broadgate, but the one thing I’ve yet to encounter is boredom.  The company is so dynamic and there is always something new happening.  Apart from doing my own work, everyone is still helping each other out in various fields and with the new projects to ensure the company is moving towards its goal.

One of the many new exciting projects from Broadgate is Easy Panel Construction.  We have mentioned about Easy Panel before but it is always and still very exciting for me and I am never bored to mention about its new activity.  Having been involved in some part of the Easy Panel Construction project, I got a good chance to visit the factory in Pattaya several times and also went to the construction site to see the real process of building a house with this new material.  I can bet that not many marketing people from a financial company can have such experience.  I am so lucky that it is a different story with time and effort and I always feel so worn-out after each day!

Another excitement for Broadgate Easy Panel is that we will have a new member joining the company at the beginning of March.  This new member will be the main driving force behind this project.  From meeting this person a couple times already, I can tell that the person is so energetic with a good personality such as being optimistic, a challenge lover, a sense of responsibility and also a creative flair.  I have no doubt about her experience in the construction field with proof of more than a hundred construction projects from her past experience.  She is an expert in what she does and she really loves doing it.  I can even see fire burning in her eyes when she was talking about new construction ideas.  This is the people Broadgate wants to have within the family, the one who has passion for what they do and we believe these people are the key to any success both in their life and business.

Right now, I am very excited to work with her this week and I think she will be a good family member of Broadgate and a very good contributor to the Easy Panel Construction department.  Personally, I can’t wait to see what kind of new experience she will introduce into my life.  It is going to be a lot of fun!

‘All we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about’ – Chares Kingsley

Suchada Larpkittavorn

Marketing Executive