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14 March 2012

Hi all – I’d like to officially welcome Marion Tessier to the Broadgate Group who started this week.  Here is her introductory blog:

I am starting an internship in Broadgate Financial as a Research & Administrative Officer and I am very excited about this new experience in Bangkok. I have already spent nearly one year in Thailand and I must say that I have lived some of the most striking moments of my life.

I am currently a third-year student in Ieseg, a school of management in a northern city of France, Lille. During this program, I had the occasion to spend one year abroad in a partnered school, as an exchange student. Because I am very interested in foreign cultures and travelling in general, I was very thrilled by this opportunity. My choice for Asia was not so evident at first because of all the destinations offered all over the world, but it rapidly became clear considering the experience shared by other students; and I believe I will never regret it.

For me, and I think that a lot of people think the same way in the current global economic situation, Asia represents the future. This includes not only major powerful countries like China, Japan, India but also Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Thailand. My choice was motivated by the fact that in addition to be strategically located in Asia, I wanted to discover completely different culture, environment, way of thinking and of course a very fast growing economy.  I must say that I really find all of it but I didn’t expect to see a so developed and rich country when I decided to come here.

Coming in Thailand to study or work when you come from an occidental country, and especially France, requires some adaptation. Firstly, I realized that even if people have basic notions of values they differ in variant ways. For example, everybody get that you have to respect others, but in France when you arrive late in class, it is disrespectful for the teacher, while in Thailand it seems to be ok and almost nobody arrives on time. This is of course only one little detail of what I have learned about cultural gap between nations, but it characterizes the fact that you always have to adapt and accept each other despite its difference. Thai people are very calm but it doesn’t mean that they are not involved, or efficient in what they do. I have the feeling that learning about Thai culture would be highly beneficial for occidental people, which are far more stressed, in the sense that it could bring them some kind of happiness.

I think that this experience taught me things that I would never have learned staying in France. That is why I am so interested in traveling and so motivated to work in a foreign company like Broadgate Financial.

Marion Tessier

Research & Administration Officer