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12 June 2012

Hello, my name is Ken Jayaphorn and this is my blog debut. It took me a long time to figure out what is something relevant and educational that I can write. I finally thought to myself that what could be more relevant than my work here at Broadgate.  Tuesday was my first day at work and I was given an assignment, which is to translate the Broadgate Advisory’s Operating manual from Thai to English. Is it a very good first job, as I will be learning a lot on how the company is run.

To be honest my first day was challenging to say the least. It took me so long just to translate a few sentences and found out later that Pui had already translated those sentences before. Having said that, without reading over that particular part I wouldn’t know what I do now!

The reason I think that it is so hard to translate is because many of the words do not have direct translation. As the document is very important to the company, I tried my best to make sure that the meaning is the closest to the Thai version as much as possible.  By doing this assignment I realize how important a course I took back in high school was. The course was called Theory of Knowledge (TOK). It basically tells us to question everything, as we can never know what the absolute truth is. It is said that there are four ways of information input called “ways of knowing”, which includes (perception, language, reasoning, emotion).

Perception can be defined as our five senses and even those are believed to be misleading. For example, some people believe that the Loch Ness Monster is real because they saw it. However, their sense of sight could be deceiving them as they see the monster from far away and hence could be something else.

Language is the how we interpret the ways we communicate. It includes many different languages from our normal, verbal language that we speak to mathematical equations and symbols to body language. This is the main concern of my current assignment. As I stated above a wrong choice of word can mislead people from the message I try to give out.

Reasoning may seem to be to be the most reliable one because it is a way of applying logic to what we have perceived. Nevertheless, everyone has different rationale, which could lead to a different outcome. Moreover, because reasoning is applied after we perceive things, if each person perceived different things such as one being color blind and one is not then their reasoning will most likely be different.

The last way is emotion, which is how our emotions affect our ways of thinking. For instance, because someone has a very strong feeling about something (could be politics, red and yellow shirt) they tend to be blinded by one side.

Overall, it is a very annoying yet interesting way of thinking. No one knows the absolute truth. The only way we can get on with our lives is just to believe that something is true, yet it is still not the truth. I remembered that I was so fed up with TOK that I once asked my supervisor, “how do you know the thing you are teaching is useful to me?” and her answer was “I don’t, but I believe it is”.

People try to find ways to get closer to the truth, but at the end of the day it’s still what we believe is closer. In reality what we believe could be something far from truth but it’s the only way that we can get on with our day and not be so concerned of what is truth and not. It is as Socrates once said, “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”.

Ken Jayaphorn

Assistant Vice President