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Plato Never Got Pay

16 January 2012

Happy 2012!  I hope everyone of you had a fantastic festive break – I certainly did.

2012 for Broadgate will see our group diversify and expand our operations overseas, as we draw ever closer to our corporate goal of being “The leading boutique private bank in South East Asia”.

My focus for the marketing department is to position our brand into one of Transparency (our third core value).

This year I will continue to forge long lasting and rewarding relationships with our partners and stakeholders, whilst driving home the message of Transparency – we are open, honest and firmly believe in building trust.

2012 in the Chinese calendar is the year of the dragon but for Broadgate its the year of Transparency.

You are all probably wondering about my grammatically ill title of this blog – Plato never got pay.

Last week at our executive board meeting General Uthai presented us with gifts.  Two sets of coffee mugs, one in black and the other in white with writing on both – “Plato never got pay”.

This is meant to symbolise we are always thinking, planning and coming up with new ideas but we sometimes fail to factor in the consequence of our actions.  Plato believed ideas were far more real than the natural world.

So my commitment this year (as I drink out of my symbolic mugs) is to always consider all angles and not just my own.

As a corporation, the Broadgate Group will always consider consequence to actions.  (You cannot begin to believe the number of shelved projects we have due to the negative consequence out weighing the positive thought).

As my Grandmother always use to say “Think before you act”.

To finalise with a quote – “Apply yourself both now and the next life.  Without effort, you cannot be prosperous.  Though the land be good, you cannot have an abundant crop without cultivation”.  Plato.

Simon Osborne

Chief Brand Officer