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Promotion with Emotion

24 January 2013

After seven fantastic months in Asia, it has come time for me to say goodbye – I fell not only in love with Bangkok on my very first day but also need to thank Broadgate Family that contributed to my further profession and personal development  while challenging me likewise.

It was a great opportunity for me to gain working experience in an international surrounding and to extend my Marketing Skills in contributing to Broadgate’s Online Marketing Projects. I’ve met and worked with people who became friends and effected my life in positive ways. As most people would agree there’s no place on earth like it – over 6,000 7-Elevens, breath-taking rooftop bars, spicy street food, thai-english language issues, massage places and “true love”…

It is a bittersweet departure, but I am sure it is not a goodbye for long!

However, this farewell blog is not supposed to be a listing of tasks that I have done for Broadgate and experienced in Thailand, paired with lots of melancholy that I will need a winter-jacket from next week on back in Germany 😉 , it is to put a final mark as Marketing Support Officer in promoting our latest subsidiary – Broadgate Advisory.

The Broadgate Group established Broadgate Advisory with particular expertise in tax-advantaged investing and low-cost mutual fund investments one year ago and since that we created strong brand awareness among our target market – foreigners living and working in Thailand.

A unique and well-known brand is still one of the cores in any Marketing Department and one of the most valuable assets in a company.

Not speaking about Coca-Cola, Apple or BMW, worldwide brands that are ranked as the most valuable brands for years, universally recognized and desired (‘The 20 Most Valuable Brands In The World‘);

We are the ONLY Expat Focused, Licensed & Regulated Investment Advisory in Thailand.

Simple spoken words and decent logo creating a serious and highly trustworthy image.
But one question remains. How do you get your message to the public?

As one of the first investment companies in Bangkok, Broadgate Advisory has established ChefXP as its affiliate. With every food order customers receive our newly relaunched flyer on top of their bill. By doing this, we reach about 200 customers per day, respectively 6,000 a month.

But there need to be second step. How do we accomplish that these 6,000 potential clients a month understand the high-class service that our company offers them and come into the office for investment advice. How do you create trust and bring the house down?

Let’s begin with creating trust: Broadgate Advisory is one out of 38 companies in Thailand that  is officially licensed by the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission to give Investment Advice. More and more people in Thailand are now focusing on their personal investment and investors are requesting a wide range of diverse investment products and plans. In brief, licensed Thai investment advisers are subject to a robust regulatory regime, which features substantial protection for investors. The more important it is to receive unbiased financial advice, transparent  fee structure and reliable service, what is preferably guaranteed by a license. The importance of supervision and transparency in the financial advisory industry, which is taken for granted in most Western Civilizations, has yet to be implemented by the Thai SEC and popularized among Investors in Thailand.

This may sound like a typical marketing quote and indeed you will find many keywords on our website or merchandising products, but when you remember the points from my first blog about SEO, quality rules over quantity and leads to business success. Investors should focus on these quality seals that make companies like Broadgate Advisory unique.

On that note; Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened (Dr. Seuss).

Anne-Catherine Kaiser
Marketing Support Officer