Passionate about investing

Q&A with our Marketing Support Officer

10 September 2012

Bernadette Wesdorp was recently appointed as our Marketing Support Officer under our Broadgate Internship Program.  We recently had the chance to catch up with Bernadette to find out more about her.

Q:  What is your primary responsibility as a Support Officer in the Marketing department?

My main function is to assist Khun Peerapat with the preparation of a marketing plan for Broadgate Advisory. I also support the managers from Broadgate Financial where possible based on what I learned from my Communication Science eduation.

Q:  What do you hope to achieve in your area for the time you are here?

I seek to learn a lot about marketing, finance and investing. My goal is to finalize the marketing plan for Broadgate Advisory and make a start with the marketing plan for Broadgate Plantation. I also want to increase the social media activities of Broadgate Advisory and Broadgate Plantation.

Q:  What is your attitude to investing?

To be honest I don’t know a lot about investing, I´m eager to learn a lot about it during my time at Broadgate. Because of the diverse activities during my 3 months internship I will definitely know more about investing afterwards.

Q:  As you know our strapline is Passionate about Investing – what are you passionate about?  – And how does that apply here ?

My passion is to play field hockey. I´ve played field hockey at the highest level in The Netherlands for nine years. To achieve that, you need to have perseverance, being a team player and it´s important to be ambitious. So that´s what I want to apply here, my perseverance, my capability to work in a team and my ambition to learn.

What is in your purse?

Around 2000 baht, some business cards and a little purse for my coins (this small purse has sensible value to me because I bought it during my last visit to Thailand four years ago – I lived in Thailand as a little kid between the age of 1 and 4 when my father worked for ThailOil in Sriracha as Technology Manager; we have been back twice since).