Passionate about investing

Q&A with our Senior Support Officer

29 August 2012

Roan du Cloo was recently appointed as our Senior Support Officer under our Broadgate Internship Program.  We recently had the chance to catch up with Roan to find out more about him.

Q:  Whats your function as a Senior Support Officer?

A:  My main function is to manage our interns by assigning and tracking tasks set.  As well as my own set tasks in accounting and investing.  I assist our Operations Manager where possible too.

Q:  You’ve come from the University of Applied Sciences and studied International Financial Management.  What made you choose that particular subject?

A:  I was always very interested in numbers.  In high school I was interested in classes such as economics, mathematics, anything that involves numbers.  In college I really wanted to do finance education focussed on an international basis so I can work abroad in the future.  The course offered by the University of Applied Sciences fits my ambition.

Q:  How will you apply what you have learnt so far here in Broadgate?

A:  I learnt a lot about accounting so I believe I can assist Khun Warabodee (Internal Accountant) in her daily tasks.  I also loved projects so I believe to be a valuable asset in any upcoming Broadgate projects.

Q:  What do you hope to learn during your 5 months here with us?

A:  I hope to learn more about Broadgate and finance as a whole and investing.  As a Senior Support Officer I also hope to learn more about management.  So at the end I will have a better knowledge to help me achieve by goals.

Q:  Broadgate’s strap line is ‘Passionate About Investing’.  So what are you passionate about?

A:  (Long Pause) Good one!  I would say passionate about finance as I mentioned before.

Q:  Are you invested in anything at the moment?

A:  I wanted to start investing in stocks but I never really got around to it.  I hope to start investing and apply what I have learnt here  when my internship ends.

Q:  And finally, whats in your wallet?

A:  Right Now?, I’d say around 1600 THB and a few payment cards.  I also keep my high school diploma in my wallet which I received from the States – this has sentimental value to me as this was my first time away from my family and I happened to learn a lot also.

If you would like to contact Roan his email is roan@broadgatefinancial.com.