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26 June 2012

When we are walking past all shops and restaurants on the street, how can we help ourselves choose which shops are the best? It is a tough question for both professional shoppers and amateur ones.  This is much the case for big major cities where you can find shopping centers and small shops in every 2 meters!

One aspect that can pull people into particular shops is the flashy signs normally in red and white colors in front of shop windows that say “SALE” and “DISCOUNT”.  Among all shops on the street, the ones with “SALE” or “DISCOUNT” signs on will get more attention from people on the street. Although it might sound like a female perspective but I think this is true for the men as well.  Every person loves free and cheap goods, right?

I just came back from my weekend vacation with my best friends at Suan Pheng, Ratchaburi.  We transferred the deposit money for reserving the room at our resort and I expected to pay another 50% of the room price when I checked in.  Surprisingly I received 25% off from the full price with no advance notice!   We were all quite happy and of course impressed with the resort.  It was a good start to our trip and we could spend more money on food and drinks.  The second surprise came when we were on the way home.  We were watching a travelling TV show and the TV host introduced a nice restaurant in Ratchaburi.

We decided to visit the place and taste the same dishes, which were reviewed on the show.  We arrived there mid afternoon and ordered exactly the same 3 dishes as on the TV and we sat there waiting for the food to come with excitement.  After half an hour, the only thing we got on the table was 4 glasses of water.  It took almost 2 hours to serve all 3 dishes but the restaurant staff came and talked to us that the restaurant will pay for all food costs today since there was a problem with the service and they couldn’t maintain the good quality because it was not well prepared.  We were pretty annoyed and disappointed at first but we changed our attitude immediately when they offered not to charge for our meal.

It is clear to me that discounting and giving out free things is still a great tool for marketing and promoting business.  The main reason that I can think is people will talk about it a lot especially on social media such as facebook and twitter.  But the social media tool has a two-way effect.  If you do something good, it will create a great voice for your business but on the other hand it can ruin your business when something goes wrong with your services or products.   Well, in the end, apart from all discounting and free stuff, good quality of products and services is the main key to a good and sustainable business.

Suchada Larpkittavorn

Marketing Executive