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29 June 2012

Hi, my name is Antoine, I am 22 years old, and I come from France. I arrived in Bangkok last Saturday evening.

I was looking for a two months internship, in order to complete my third year of Bachelor Program in a French business school. In fact, I was looking for a real opportunity since February (by real I mean an internship which is interesting for me, with a real value, not a job in which I would looking forward the end of the day to come back home), but I did not get any viable positive response. Time passed, the end of the year approached and I was still “internshipless”.

And in the middle of a normal day of my former student job, a friend of mine, Benjamin, who knew that I was still looking for working this summer, told me on Facebook that there was an opportunity where he works. After a discussion on Skype, I was in possession of enough information to know that it was a perfect opportunity for me: working in the marketing department (I will enter in a marketing master in September) of a young company (which means responsibilities) who trusts in “inexperienced students”, moreover based in Bangkok, a place where I wanted to go since a long time!

Two days after I was booking my plane tickets Paris – Abu Dhabi – Bangkok, two weeks after here I am in Bangkok, writing my first article for Broadgate Financial.

As you may have understood, Social Media has a large part in this adventure. In addition to the fact that new online media channels allow you to call and see your friends and family for free wherever they are on earth or even to expose and share your life to hundreds of your friends and also stay connected with them every time, it also represents a considerable economic stake.

Let us take the example of the micro-blogging website, Twitter. Did you know that it is now an emerging platform for recruiters? In fact, if we take the French market, about 4500 tweets per day are concerning job offers (92%) or demand (8%). Many of these offers are internships (57%), but there are also fixed-term contracts (6%) and permanent contracts (37%). Majority of these offers are made by recruitment firms, who are very present on this new way of recruitment. But companies are not absent, because 21% of these offers are made directly by recruiters. There is a high number of students present on this website, explaining the proportion of internships offered by companies, who are always looking for interns.

So next time, think twice before saying that social Media is a “digital new way to waste time!”

Socially yours.

Antoine Gaillard

Marketing Assistant