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Sustainable Greed

18 November 2011

It was the second day of our company CSR trip and we went to visit one of the artisan villages.  The heart of our CSR program is that we want to support the artisans to have a sustainable life that they can live and support themselves.

At first I expected to see the villagers live in a traditional way, like a small wooden hut and make their handicraft products by hand. But I was quite surprised that their village is more developed than I thought.  When I entered their house I saw piles of their beautiful fabric works on the floor.  And when I looked around, I saw one modern sewing machine on the corner and it is kind of a contradiction to what I imagined.

I wonder if this development creates a disruption in villager’s life?

When we were interviewing one of the villagers that if she has a chance to make one and only one wish, what would it be.  The answer “Money”.

The main reason that they want more money is to give more to her children who will come and ask for some money everyday both on weekdays and weekends.  I can fee the answer has a good intention but it also tells you that money becomes an important part of the villager’s life.

You can accept that in everyday life you need money for everything and it seems like it can create a lot of good things in your life but on the other hand it can create a new personality for you, which I call “Greedy”.

It’s because humans have an endless need and all of us want better lives.  So once you are able to obtain something, you start wanting more and more.

The loop of endless needs that goes on and on creates something that I would like to call “Sustainable Greed”.

Suchada Larpkittavorn

Marketing Executive