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Thai Labour Laws

10 January 2012

I have not seen too many in place for the 9 years I have been coming here.  The blatant stinginess of employers for their own people is breathtaking.  The initial salary offered is rarely upped by a baht, ever.  As for a pension scheme?  Seems to be politico types only.  Jobs for life and a fat person.  The bigger businesses are as usual, the worst offenders; as many of the owners, see staff as servants.  Even a close friend of mine, well; his wife to be exact, feels that the staff should do as much overtime as she suggests, but not receive additional pay or bonus?

Even recently, my own girlfriend was working for a Singapore based company.  I did expect a degree of integrity from them, but was disappointed.  A pay rise promised after 3 months, was still not given after 6.  A lovely night shift before one’s day off!  This is from a new and profitable venture by the way.  The main issue here is that of face.  The employees themselves, put up with the crass and demeaning behaviour.

In the case I was disappointed to meet a puppet in a suit.  I could not see the strings, but he moved and talked, just like a thunderbird!  He thinks its okay to lie and to cheat to staff blatantly, because they can?  A Thai National by the way.  Excellent.  Pay someone 20K a month and they view themselves as the new socially adept HI-SO upper middle class type.  I think not.  Nice suit, but clearly, my tailor, is better than his.  And;  Cheap shoes always let you down!

Sadly the education system, is obviously wanting and available families with the cash to do it.  This is no longer a cheap place to live.  I always have a great respect for the food vendors and others, doing 12 hour days.  The fact they nearly all do it with a smile on their face , is incredible.  These mostly kind spirited people have more class than the “Educated Gentlemen”, from Lopburi, will ever have.  Civility, Manners and Humanity are I ever ask of someone.  He will never understand the last sentence, as it does not concern him.

I neither look down on the people, nor the system.  Where I come from, the average hooligan and oik, goes to a pathetically mismanaged comprehensive type school.  Just like their hooligan and Oik parents, before them.  It is a rarity these days, if they can even speak english, as understood by others.

It is not wrong here.  Its different.

Dennis O’Callaghan