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The Art of Management

6 August 2013

Hi all – I was inspired to write this article on The Art of Management by the fact that this coming Monday 12 August is H.M. Queen of Thailand’s birthday and national Mothers day.

I’ve been thinking about this subject for quite some time and even had grand plans to cite countless books and articles I’ve read but then I realised the answer to this subject isn’t in any books, but in our very own Mothers.  Think about it.  My Mother for example managed to not only raise myself but my younger brother as well as look after family and financial affairs.

Now I was fortunate enough that my Mother worked as a C-level executive for an international underwear manufacturer.  She created this culture of fear and adopted a no nonsense approach to business and life.

 DSC05422Simon Osborne and his Mother

I once asked my Mother why her employees feared her.  To which she replied ‘They didn’t fear me, they feared changing for the better.  Sometimes people don’t really know what’s good for them until after it’s happened’.

It was then I realised the only person who I was truly scared inspired by, is my Mother.  She constantly ‘scared’ me to do better.

So on this upcoming Mothers day take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices your Mother has made so you could enjoy reading this article today.

And so to conclude if you want to see the results of your Mothers years of hard work, take a look in the mirror!

simon-osborneSimon Osborne
Senior Vice President

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