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The BIP Update

4 May 2012

My latest update for my blog is about the Broadgate Internship Progam (BIP).  It has been 2 months already since Miss Marion Tessier joined us as a Research and Administration Officer.  Fortunately she extended her period of staying with us from 2 to 3 months.  Personally, I really like working with her and I think she is very helpful and I believe that everyone in the company thinks the same as I do.

Today, I have an opportunity to interview Marion about what she feels toward the internship program.

Q: How long have you been doing the internship program and what tasks have you done so far?

A: I have worked here for 2 months and so far I have done the QROPS postcard campaign, research on CFA and other certifications for our subsidiary company about how to get it, research on British companies and expatriates in Thailand and Cambodia.  Currently I am doing the financial statements for Broadgate Easy Panel our construction subsidiary.

Q: How do you feel about doing the Bip?

A: I feel great.  There is a good working atmosphere inside the company.  You can make good contact with everybody who works for Broadgate and you can learn a lot of new things here.

Q: Whats good about the Bip?

A: The good sides are

  • You can do so many different things
  • Independent working; you can work things in your own way
  • Open atmosphere; you can talk to anyone in the company and ask them about anything
  • You are well supported and it gives you confidence in working

Q: And the bad side?

A: Some tasks are pretty time consuming and very repetitive so you need to be very passionate in the task at hand for it to be a success.

Q: Do you think this internship program is successful for you or not? and why?

A: Absolutely I think it is successful.  You experience new things from people you work with and the tasks you are assigned to do.  It is a serious and professional company but the working space is open and you can meet  all your colleagues to discuss about the work or other stuff.  It is a pleasure for me to work here.

Q: Any suggestion for further improvement?

A: Well, this is a good program and if you want to continue it in the future, you can try promoting it with universities especially the international one’s.  Every university will have interest to do it and the students will be really happy to join.

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: I am passionate about travelling especially for the countries with different cultures. The charm of travelling are meeting new people, knowing what other people think and seeing beautiful places.  The experience also makes you become more tolerant, more open-minded and less pressured on yourself about all annoying things that happen to you.

Suchada Larpkittavorn

Marketing Executive