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12 March 2012

Hi all I wanted to share with you the launch of The Broadgate Internship Program (BIP).  We have effectively created it to nurture and prosper future leaders.

After receiving an overwhelming number of requests from students to work with the Broadgate family we have decided to implement our first ever internship program – The BIP.

This is a fantastic leap forward for the group and is a testament to achieving our vision of being The Leading Boutique Private Bank in South East Asia.

While The BIP is still very much in its infancy I can reveal a brief outline of what students can expect:

– The position offered will be based on the skill and requirements of the individual.

– We don’t pay our interns (financially speaking) but we do pay with a wealth of experience.

– Mentor allocation – Each intern will have a mentor.  This is to ensure they obtain the most value from their time with the group.  Ultimately we want to create a positive and rewarding experience for both parties.

– The intern will be instrumental in helping the group achieving its vision.

– There will be no structure to The BIP as we would like it to remain as fluid as possible; however each experience is tailored to the individual.

So the objective is simple – To share as much knowledge as possible by exposing the individual to as much experience as possible.

There is no doubt the intern will be tried and tested to ensure they achieve their potential.

If you believe in yourself to achieve better then apply today with a covering letter and resume to careers@broadgatefinancial.com.

We don’t anticipate to take a great deal of interns on, focusing rather on the quality of the individual than quantity.

Simon Osborne

Chief Brand Officer