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The Broadgate Internship Program

14 December 2012

Hi all, I wanted to give a year end update to The Broadgate Internship Program.  Since my last blog on the BIP we have come a long way.  To take you back to the roots, The BIP was founded, created and developed by our very own interns (Support Officers).  With the entire support of the company behind this, the program has proven very successful.

We have had an overwhelming number of applicants applying over the course of this year, thanks to our Marketing Support team and previous interns actively promoting the BIP.  Due to this very reason our selection process has improved also.  Each applicant who successfully passess the first stage, will be invited to a second interview either face to face or online, whereby they have to give a 5 minute power point presentation on the Broadgate Group.  This indicates to us how much ‘home-work’ the applicant has done.  Also, during the interview we ask some ‘curve-ball’ questions, which may initially sound strange but we are assessing the applicants thought process and not the answer itself.

The BIP is by no means a ‘spoon-fed’ internship – those looking for such kind should apply to larger corporations.  Our program is ideally suited for those who are after a journey of self discovery and a challenge in a very dynamic environment.  As a BIP Support Officer you are actively involved in the management of the program and daily operations of Broadgate’s subsidiaries.  Ultimately when your tenure expires here with us, you leave a better person, with a wealth of knowledge and experience under your belt which hopefully aids in achieving your future career objectives.

Our selection process is rigorous to say the least.  We have healthy debates surrounding the suitability of applicants.  All in all The BIP is ideally suited to those who demonstrate unwavering enthusiasm, passion and belief to Broadgate’s objectives.

On a final note:

To past interns – I express my sincere appreciation for the work you have done in laying down the foundation to the BIP.

Present interns – Thank you for setting the standards.

Future interns – You have big shoes to fill and a challenging yet exciting time ahead.

So if you like what you have read today and possess the drive to succeed then please visit our careers section on our website and submit your cover letter and resume to internship@broadgatefinancial.com.

Please note we are unable to take on placements until May 2013.

Simon Osborne
Vice President