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The Power of Interns

8 February 2013

First of all I would like to thank everybody of the Broadgate family for making the great internship that I could participate in possible.  I can sincerely say that I miss the Office and  the atmosphere that it houses.

Being back in my University in Holland made me realize how  ‘’fun’’ working actually is.  Not only do internships give a fun learning experience but it also gives an insight for students who have no idea what type of career they want to pursue.

Personally I always thought a job in Finance would be very appealing to me however with this internship I discovered that a front desk job would be much more suitable for me.

It also depends on the type of internship you follow, because there are 2 types of internships.

1: Hands on experience

2: routine paperwork

Broadgate belongs to the first category of internships which enables you  develop yourself  in such a way that it helps you to elevate your career to the next level.

Most of the jobs we all apply for after graduating University ask for experience. However only a few companies actually give you the opportunity to gain experience.

You might ask yourself; what defines experience?

The dictionary says it is the knowledge or skill acquired by a period of practical experience of something, especially that gained in a particular profession.

However just gaining experience is not enough, the experience you gain should be relevant to the field you are interested in.

So if you gained experience in mainly selecting documents and putting them in alphabetic order all day, you might have a problem.

Internships are also handy for companies, it keeps getting in fresh ideas and keeps the company ‘’young’’. Every intern has an objective within his or her internship, most of the time that is to develop themselves and come out a better person. To be able to come out a better person and to have made a development within themselves they have changed something within the company or at least left a lasting impression.

This should have a sustainable impact on the company and benefitting the company in either the short or the long run.

This may seem a like a Win-Win situation for both the company as the intern.

However a few people are actually against internships, they view it as an opportunity for a company to employ a student whilst paying them very little money.

Sometimes it is being perceived as getting the least favorable job for the least money.

However what is mostly forgotten are the intangible things you get back from having an internship.

During an internship you start to build up a network, you get a better understanding of what you are studying for.

It might even trigger you to choose a different career path if you find out that your internship company is not in a suitable business environment for you. However if you were very happy with the company you were working for like me, it can also aspire you to work for them in the future.

The factors I just named go beyond value especially if you look at how it will benefit and influence you in the future.

That’s why my advice is: do an internship, if you are curious how to apply the things you have learned over the past few years, and get experience in your field of interest.

Robin Smit
E-Marketing Support Officer