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The Power of LinkedIn

26 November 2012

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to get new contacts and to promote your company. It is common for people to go to networking events and is much easier to keep in contact with them, for example Email, Facebook, Twitter, mobile phones and of course LinkedIn. Research shows that LinkedIn is the most important social media-marketing tool at this moment. LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and is mainly used for professional networking. Almost 10 years later they have more than 187 million registered users in more than 200 countries!

In this blog I would like to share how LinkedIn is being used in business; who is using it and why, the benefits and challenges of LinkedIn and impact on businesses. I hope that I can convince everyone to create a LinkedIn profile by the end of this blog!

LinkedIn is not only about building a new network, it became a marketing tool; well, I would say, a powerful marketing tool. It’s a free medium and you can reach your whole -new created- network at the same time. You’re also able to send LinkedIn message´s via Inmails, keep your company’s profile updated, and promote your services and products online. Where else would you get a network of professionals for free?!

  •  32% of professionals are using LinkedIn for work related purposes every day
  • The use of social media tools has a positive effect  to achieve business growth
  • 59% of the professionals in high growth organizations are using LinkedIn to improve business outcomes
  • 76% of the Senior Managers believe businesses that embrace social media tools will grow faster!!!
  • Believe it or not, Senior Managers are using social tools at work at least once a week (71%) compared to of those in a more junior role (49%). I hope you don’t plan to stalk your boss on LinkedIn!!

I have proved the power of LinkedIn myself when I started working on it for Broadgate, I was a little bit sceptical, why should people connect via LinkedIn?! So I gave it a try! To be honest, a massive improvement from LinkedIn surprised me. We increased our network to over 1000%  within ten days and we are getting inquiries and clients by LinkedIn. Apparently, LinkedIn works out very well for us. I hope it works out for you as well once you have a LinkedIn account. Of course LinkedIn is not only about having connections, you also have to be visible for other people. And it’s important to keep your profile updated and being social.

My point now, because LinkedIn is very powerful, which I experienced myself! I would like to encourage everyone to create a LinkedIn account. It only takes 15 minutes but it is worth doing it, I mean we can obtain more clients and who doesn’t want that?!
With this in mind, it won’t surprise you that half of the professionals said that businesses that don’t embrace social media will not survive!

Bernadette Wesdorp

Marketing Support Officer