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Trip to the UK

12 January 2012

August of last year it was decided that myself and the family would visit England for the Christmas period. I hadn’t been back in a while so the excitement of the visit, the children’s first Christmas in England along with the apprehension of a freezing cold winter built up steadily until we departed on the 14th December.

Good flight over with the children sleeping most of it (which was a bonus) took us to Heathrow where we arrived at 7pm. No rain and not too cold to our amazement.

Met by my Mum and my Sister with coats and car seats and my Dad  ‘who doesn’t do Heathrow anymore’ was waiting at home with the fire on!  Picked up the Alfa Romeo Guiletta (manual) from Avis and off we went. Arrived to the immediately familiar family home at around 9ish. Dad looking a little greyer although he still does his golf and music, Mum just the same making sausages for the children and the better half just happy to be back again. A full 16 days ahead of us including my Fathers 70th bash at the house, Pub, Staying with friends in Hastings, Panto, a few more Pub trips, couple of shopping trips to Kingston (once bravely on Christmas Eve!) and catching up with family and lots of friends over the festive season.

The children had a great Christmas and before we knew it, we were trying to pack the obscene amounts of gifts into our 3 large suitcases to return to the Land of Smiles. Got back on New Years Eve and got right into to the annual family New Years Eve Party here that lasted till 3am!!! A great trip was had by all.

Paul Axford

Sales Manager & Director