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At the Broadgate Financial Group we are constantly on the lookout for new people to help us achieve our goals. We value individuals with flair and initiative who share our core values ​​of Sustainability, Flexibility, Transparency, and most of all the passion to succeed. Our ambition is to be the industry-leading corporate consultancy in Southeast Asia, balancing our passion with precision to provide our clients with superior solutions in an ever-changing global business environment. Our commitment is to deliver to our clients high-quality timely and appropriate information and advice; to achieve this we rely on our staff, established professionals who specialise in one or more of our core activities:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Consultancy
  • Marketing

We offer new starters all the support they require to achieve their business goals. We want you, as an individual to take ownership of your career development and to take advantage of the numerous opportunities we offer. We want you to achieve your goals whilst we provide a competitive personalised remuneration and benefits package.

The support doesn’t end there. We provide top quality offices in top locations for you to work from and offer top quality training and support to ensure you succeed. We need you to grow to your full potential and will offer you support through continual professional development throughout your career.

If you are such an individual, a professional with flair, initiative and a commitment to those values ​​on which Broadgate Financial is founded, then please send your résumé with a cover letter to: Careers@broadgatefinancial.com

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The Broadgate Internship Programme

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Asia Internship Programme

The Broadgate Internship Programme

At The Broadgate Financial Group, we provide opportunities for enthusiastic and hardworking people to put into practice their academic knowledge by developing projects and work through a significant experience as a full member of a dynamic team under Broadgate Initiatives.  Far from being spoon-fed, interns will be given freedom to undertake their own project(s), which will influence the Company's growth. We consider every member of the team's achievement represents added value for Broadgate.

Broadgate interns develop their know-how in a various range of fields among which marketing, management, sales, negotiation or any other discipline related to business. Tasks will range from business researches, web development and communication support to market analysis. Interns will not only be part of a multicultural team, they will also advance in one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Furthermore, interns will be involved in the "Sustainable Recruitment" of their successors, conducting the interviews themselves and being fully responsible for the whole process, from the selection to the final decision.

The Broadgate Internship Programme (BIP) requires no prior experience of finance, business or economics; we believe that the best applicants are those able to demonstrate adaptability, enthusiasm and entrepreneurialism on a day to day basis, regardless of the length of his / her resume. By drawing our interns from a range of nations and educational backgrounds, we also ensure a level of individuality and imagination that we consider vital in our mission to differentiate ourselves. A successful internship results into a mutual enrichment for both the intern and the Company.

Our sole mandatory requirement is a high level of spoken and written English, the working language of the office. Due to the international nature of our client base, we welcome applicants with similar levels of ability in other Asian (eg Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese or Burmese) or European languages.

We do not offer our interns direct salaries or stipends and interns must arrange their own travel to and from Bangkok. However, to ensure a positive experience, our programme offers a variety of benefits. These include visa advice, access to corporate functions, bespoke employment references and accommodation recommendations (on demand).

Our most important goal is to ensure that interns make tangible gains from their time here, not just a single line on their résumé. In order for this, a 12-week placement is mandatory.

To Apply for The BIP, please send The Following documents to. Internship@broadgatefinancial.com including your name and "Broadgate Internship Programme" in The subject of The Message.

  • Cover letter explaining why you would be suitable for the role.
  • CV.
  • Completed BIP Application Form .

Candidates will receive a confirmation email 24 hours after receipt.

For any further information, don't hesitate to email us.  Please note the Broadgate Internship Programme is only available in Bangkok, Thailand.

Please indicate which of the following programmes you are interested in applying for on the BIP Application Form:.