Passionate about investing


Welcome to the Broadgate Financial Group, Southeast Asia’s most diverse Corporate Consultancy.

We provide a broad range of professional consulting services to global corporations who aim to invest and develop their eco-construction, plantation services and renewable energy interests. Our current areas of expertise include:

  • Ensuring food security
  • Providing green construction materials for eco-building development
  • Developing clean and renewable energy

In this dynamic market, Broadgate sees the importance of sustainability and is dedicated to social, environmental and economical responsibilities in all our businesses. In order to maintain food stability for places such as communities in Cambodia, Broadgate invests in land that has agricultural potential to plant crops like oil palm and corn.  Furthermore, Broadgate believes introducing green construction materials and clean and renewable energy is an important step that will make the world a better place for us and our children.  With this goal in mind, we have developed products like Easy Panel™ and Lite Cast which are innovative construction materials with superior thermal and acoustic qualities therefore saving energy and money.

We also firmly believe one of our greatest asset is our people. All of us here at Broadgate have an unwavering commitment to do the right thing for our clients, partners and the environment by operating under the highest standards of professional ethics, corporate responsibility and transparency. According to a Thai saying, “kran-ka-thum-sum-kan-kwa-cum-pood” (action speaks louder than words), we hope to be able to demonstrate our commitment to you should you engage with us and truly embrace the ‘Broadgate Experience’.

So, welcome again to Broadgate. We are at your service and look forward to working with you soon.


John Mills

President & Chief Executive Officer

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