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#BIG12 Panel Discussion & Networking

11 January 2017



The Real Estate industry in Thailand is growing rapidly. Prices are rising and property developments are increasing.

With the challenges that associate with the digital infrastructure in real estate, its important to acknowledge what the future holds for the market. #BIG12 will discuss the trends of the real estate industry in ASEAN and specifically Thailand. New and fresh companies are taking advantage of these trends and developing unique ideas.

If you’re interested, join us at #BIG12 to discover and learn about today’s real estate trends from industry leaders.

Meet our panelists and moderator:

Dr. Torwong Chenvidyakarn – VP for Corporate Strategy and Innovation, SC Asset PLC

Mr. Phanom Kanjanathiemthao – Managing Director, Knight Frank

Denis Nemtsev – Founder and CEO, Hipflat

Jostein Aksnes – Founder, FindYourSpace

Some of the questions that may be asked include:

  • What are the industry’s standards for current structure of management systems and how it would develop in the foreseeable future?
  • What are plans of leading companies to ensure that they can keep up with this advancement and stay ahead of their competitors?
  • In a country where mobile is first, what are companies’ strategies on reaching the homebuyers through mobile?

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