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Broadgate Expands!

13 January 2012

The Broadgate Group would like to officially welcome the following personnel to our family:

Jason King – Managing Director, Broadgate Easy Panel Construction

Jason has over 20 years experience in the retail finance industry specialising in Mortgages and Insurance underwriting.  He will be responsible for developing our Easy Panel  worldwide operation.

William Lyons – Director

Will began his 29-year career in international finance after completing his Masters degree in International Business at the University of South Carolina, having completed his undergraduate work in International Relations at the University of the South (USA) and University College, Oxford (UK).

He initially focused on North American and European markets, through his work in international commercial and correspondent banking in the US, UK and German offices for Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

In the early 1990s Will then moved from commercial banking to corporate finance and investment analysis through both his own corporate analysis firm and beginning in 2002, with international securities firm Westminter Securities on Wall Street and then Quam in Hong Kong.

Will’s responsibilities at Broadgate include cross-border corporate and project finance, franchise finance, planning and budgeting and Government and NGO relations. He is also responsible directly for both North America and South America operations.

William Kershaw – Director

William (Bill) Kershaw has a Bachelor degree in Economics and a Masters degree in International Marketing. His career started in the world of advertising, working below-the-line on Cadbury’s, Typhoo Tea and BP.

He then went on holiday to Cape Town, South Africa and stayed for 7 years! He worked in Client Service on Brands such as Caltex and Reckitt and Coleman, ending up as Managing Director, BBDO Cape Town.

After returning to London Bill joined a start up agency and won world class brands Turtle Wax, Needlers Confectionary and Ronseal Varnish. His role was both Client Service Director and Head of Planning.

Probably his career high point was co-inventing British Airways Air Miles with Sir Keith Mills.

Bill currently serves on the Executive Board of Broadgate Financial.

All three will be integral to Broadgate achieving our goal of being The Leading Boutique Private Bank in South East Asia.  We wish them the best of luck in their new roles.