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Broadgate: Market News 8/2

8 February 2012

Greece’s PM will meet the chiefs in Athens for today, the Greece’s officials and international creditors bargain over the terms delayed twice. Yesterday the Prime Minister of Greece took an unscheduled meeting with the troika, embracing the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund in the direction of setting the final touches on terms necessary for a 130 billion Euros ($172 billion) rescue package.

Yesterday discussions were in of how to focus to put together 550 million Euro shortfalls in new austerity procedures for this year. In the Meeting Troika disagrees that lower income costs and pension cuts are among changes essential to enhance competitiveness in the country.

Members opposing to that said that the cuts would intensify the country’s recession. The Greece government is struggling to organize financing to prevent a fall of the economy, risking a new round of contagion in the euro region.

Germany warned saying the time is running out to reach an agreement as Greece is suppose to do the payment of 14.5 billion Euro bond on March 20.

The European Central Bank is all set to switch its holdings of Greek government bonds to contribute to drop of the country’s debt trouble
Germany bailout will continue for a long time as Germany is expanding lending’s to Greece for 7 years at nearly 4% while paying just 1.36% to borrow for the same period.

Germany’s share in the European Union loans expected is if Germany holds €15B, than profit would be approximately €375m per year or €2.6Billion over the course of the agreement.

Stocks in US goes up yesterday as Greece’s government made progress on measures to secure international aid. The Federal Reserve Chairman has hold his assurance to continue borrowing costs secure to zero all the way through late 2014 even after the past unemployment surprisingly fell, he said he will not change his 2014 rate pledge until he sees rapid economic growth, strong employment growth over a lot of months.

The central bank person in charge said legislator risk slowing the economic will bounce back if they let spending cut and tax cut obtain grasp next year without some countering actions.

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