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Lean Startup Series.A

25 June 2015

Time to go LEAN! You thought success was luck or chance? WRONG!

Everyone started from a bare vision: Marc Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Tob Tao Kae Noi and all the other leading entrepreneurs who became successful by turning simple ideas into famous businesses.
As aspiring entrepreneur or student, you have ideas, visions and goals as well.

So, what holds you back from doing the same?

Don’t give up on your visions! At the 2-day Less.A workshop certified by the Bangkok School of Management, we will teach you what Universities don’t: To take your idea and turn it into a real business that generates money and actually solves a problem.

How are you going to do that? By learning and applying the science that is leanstartup- The skills, methods, and techniques that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs use to build great companies.
This includes hands on workshops on lean canvas, customer validation, BMC, data collection, hypothesis/ assumption validation.

What will you be able to do afterwards?
– Validate problem/solution and customer market fit
– Execute your ideas – create your own business
– Potential to join TechGrind’s incubation program

Don’t waste your time. It’s your chance to go LEAN!

— Background —
LeSS is a 3-series workshop designed by 4 world-leaders
and certified by the Bangkok School of Management.
In Thailand for the first time – learn directly how to build a
Billion-$ tech company from someone who has already done it!

— Presenters —
Efraim Pettersson Ivener- 7 time serial entrepreneur
Patrick Monaco Sage- Venture Capitalist

Early Bird: 1500 THB
At the door: 2500 THB

In the price included:
* lunch and dinner
* leanstartup canvas
* leanstartup manual
*Certification of attendance by Ministry of Education from Bangkok School of Management*

— Payment Options —
Cash: At the Bangkok School of Management, Duke Language School, or at TechGrind Thailand Incubator

Bank Transfer: AIP Global Ltd.
Branch : Big C Rama 4
A/C No. : 770-2-27190-2
Swift Code : KASITHBK

PayPal: Register at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/lean-startup-seriesa-tickets-17195589471

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to send an Email to: th.fabian@techgrind.asia or th.benjamin@techgrind.asia