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Broadgate Plantations

Broadgate Plantations and its partners have extensive expertise in plantation development and funding for our large corporate partners and clients, as well as having our own interests in plantations, throughout Southeast Asia.

Our current projects include work with large Southeast Asian clients who are finding new land for their own expanding plantation activities and the commercial products grown on them, primarily for the pulp and paper sectors (e.g. eucalyptus, paulownia, pine, acacia, melaleuca), foodstuffs (e.g. oil palm, maize/corn) and green energy (e.g. oil palm, cassava).

We are particularly active in the Kingdom of Thailand, the Kingdom of Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and, increasingly, Myanmar and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Through our contacts with important local business leaders, government representatives, military leaders and NGOs, we and our clients are developing a wide variety of plantation projects.

Once we identify a specific parcel of land that suits a project we are working on, we get right to work procuring the purchase or lease rights utilizing our own as well as our highly experienced legal and other advisors´ and consultants´ experience and contacts to get the job done. With attractive agricultural land in some parts of Southeast Asia fast disappearing, it is important to move as quickly as possible when the right parcel for a particular project has been identified.

If needed, we will then provide the various services required to bring a new plantation to life (or to renovate an existing plantation), including plantation development planning and financial planning. Typically, the projects we are involved also include the important element of alternative energy generation for local communities or national electricity grids through advanced processes that include cogeneration and pyrolysis, where we also provide assistance.

If outside investors are required to provide short- or long-term funding on a plantation project, we can assist you there as well. We regularly present such projects to institutional and high net worth investors in North America, Europe and Asia, many of whom are specialists in agriculture-related investments.

In relation to all of the above activities, we will also handle the procurement of sovereign insurance for a plantation, if needed.

For further information on our Plantation Advisory Services, please contact us at: plantationservices@broadgatefinancial.com or give us a call on +66 (02) 264-5703.