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Broadgate Construction

Broadgate Financial is a joint venture partner with Easy Panel Limited, a privately-owned developer, manufacturer, marketer and licensor of an affordable, energy efficient, low-cost and environmentally friendly construction material technology  for the 21st century.

The product

Sandwich panel construction technology was  first developed in the United States in the 1970s to meet the need for low-cost housing. Since that time, the technology has evolved into a widely accepted, tried and tested construction method that offers many attractive advantages compared to other, more traditional building technologies.

The EPC panel system is unique in providing a fast, economical and easy construction system for walls, houses, factories and many other applications.  It can be used in any part of a building’s structure, including both load bearing or non-load bearing walls, floors, stairs and roofs.  The strength of these structures is excellent, due to the panels’ precisely welded matrix of wire mesh on both sides and the cement rendering, once the panels are in place.   The high-density polystyrene foam insulation in the middle of each panel is suspended within this welded wire matrix , providing both thermal and acoustic insulation in the finished building.

These structures have proved capable of withstanding earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons.  Sandwich panel buildings have endured hurricanes with no water penetration or damage and earthquakes with no cracking whilst still providing a comfortable and energy-efficient environment for both residential and commercial applications.

There are various advantages of EPC technology, including:

  • High insulation factors, both sound and thermal, resulting in energy and cost savings
  • Light weight, making construction easy without needing heavy construction machinery or highly skilled labor
  • Strong resistance to natural forces, including high winds, rain and earthquakes
  • Economical, providing considerable cost savings compared to traditional building materials
  • Fire retardant
  • Insect and termite resistant
  • Speed of construction, approximately 40% faster than traditional techniques

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Easy panel manufacturing system

Easy Panel’s production equipment and process is flexible, allowing our franchisees to create a panel manufacturing facility that matches any requirements for production capacity and reliability. The basic system produces panels 1.2 metres wide and up to 3.0 metres long at a rate of approximately 80 panels (288 square metres) per eight hour shift.

World markets have an increasing demand for high quality, durable and comfortable low-cost housing, one area in which Easy Panel technology is extremely attractive. Governments around the globe (and particularly in emerging and developing countries) are increasingly taking responsibility for providing such housing to their low income citizens. Ironically, while demand for housing is rising, budgets are at or below where they were only a few short years ago – value for money is the key to success in providing housing solutions in these markets.

In addition to low-cost housing, we are also working with potential franchisees who will be using Easy Panel for other applications, including:

  • Multi-story commercial construction (where building speed is a distinct competitive advantage)
  • Remote building locations (where heavy traditional construction materials are either not available or are difficult to transport)
  • Large housing developments (where a lot of housing is needed quickly)

Broadgate, in partnership with Easy Panel, are confident that our construction technology is the solution for many building projects that are not ideally served by more traditional construction materials.

Extensive materials testing in a variety of markets (including Asia, Europe and the USA) has proven that three-dimensional sandwich panel building technology has many advantages, including lower construction cost, speed of construction completion, durability of the completed structure and the lower ongoing heating/cooling expense.

We are offering Easy Panel’s technology under a franchising structure because we know that by manufacturing panels close to the site of construction substantial savings can be enjoyed compared to transporting finished panels over great distances.  As a franchisee, you would enjoy this added profitability by capturing these savings through your market.

Broadgate Financial, in conjunction with Easy Panel Limited, is currently working with government housing authorities, private real estate developers, major construction firms, construction material distributors and other partners to expand distribution of Easy Panel’s innovative three-dimensional construction technology in a variety of global markets.

Let us show you how you can put Easy Panel’s technology to work for you, fulfilling the needs of your customers for whom a combination of higher construction speed, ease of construction and strong insulating qualities (all at a lower cost than the construction materials and technology they have relied on up to now) could be their key to higher profits in the 21st century.


In my case, positive word-of-mouth about the products through various online channels ensures ongoing sales.

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